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PotatoCoin Announcement of the POC Airdrop Delay

Dear Users:

Originally, the airdrop activity was only open to users who have registered the PotatoChat software for more than 7 days with a certain activeness, but since the airdrop announcement is published, we have received a large number of user feedbacks from newly registered users, and users from the WeChat and Telegram community, expecting us to perfect the rules so that more users can participate in the airdrop activity.

PotatoCoin is a project that highly values community development, therefore, we are willing to respect and carefully think about the advice from users of the POC community. Considering that there are indeed a large number of PotatoCoin supporters, who have not registered in the PotatoChat, or there is not enough time for registration. In order to provide a fair opportunity to obtain airdrop candies for those who have been focusing on and supporting PotatoCoin for a long time, the PotatoCoin team made a decision to change the activity rules after careful consideration.

The specific activity time and form will be announced later, please continue to pay attention to the official website and official community announcement notice.

Official media platforms:

PotatoCoin Official website:www.potatocoin.com

Potato Official website:www.potato.com 

Potato Official Community: https://pt.im/poc_official 


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