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Potato's Announcement about Potato Coin Airdrops

Dear users, 

In order to show our gratitude to the Potato users all over the world for their long-term concern and support, our team made a decision to airdrop the Potato Coin (POC) for the Potato users.

Airdrop Rules:

1. Airdrop Time: From 7 September 2019 to 10 September 2019 (GMT+8)

2. Users who log on to the Potato App during the activity will receive an airdrop reminder, and users can click to collect POC.

3. In order to show our gratitude to the supporters of POC community, we will also arrange random airdrops for the active users in the official POC (Potato Coin) group based on the contribution of users to the community. The users will get 20,000 to 100,000 POC.

4. All community contribution awards will be sent to your account the next day.

5. Please go to the POC (Potato Coin) official group to check the specific airdrops rules.

Explanation: The community contribution includes but not limited to: high-quality chatting content, answering question for group users, sharing something to other platforms, and promoting and spreading POC on other platforms.


Potato Coin (hereinafter referred to as "POC") is developed by the largest encrypted social chatting application in Southeast Asia, Potato chat. It is a decentralized storage chain based on IPFS and intelligent contract technology, which can provide decentralized application system development, content distribution and value exchange platform for various video media, game applications and other entertainment industries.

In the traditional adult entertainment industry, users always face all kinds of problems related to content copyright, dissemination and distribution difficulty, tedious transaction, poor privacy and so on. However, the block chain technology provides a set of solutions for the POC project from the aspects of content confirmation, distribution, decentralization and anonymity, etc. 

With the help of block chain technology, POC sets up a distributed entertainment application distribution platform for application developers, content producers as well as consumers.  Developers can easily take it as an environment development, operation and management tool to supply decentralized and anti-interference distribution channels to all entertainment Apps that are based on block chain technology. By using the content distribution software provided by developers, the content producers and consumers can directly enjoy the benefits brought by the block chain reform.

Official media platforms:

PotatoCoin Official website:http://www.potatocoin.com

Potato Official website:http://www.potato.im  

Potato Official Community: https://pt.im/poc_official 


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