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Announcement on POC Wallet Add Invitation Rewards and Dividend Income Adjustment

Dear users,

In order to thank the users of the Potato Coin (POC) community for their long-term support and attention to the project, we set up a super high dividend reward for all users at the beginning of the list.  Over the past month, we have received many suggestions for project development from users. At the request of community users, we decided to add an invitation reward function. After the friend is invited and deposited in the wallet, the inviter will get the invited user  A bonus of 5% for financial income.  We also decided to gradually restore the original dividend reward ratio based on the comprehensive assessment of the Financial Operating Profit, Number of Wallet Users, and POC Wallet Position in March 2020 of Potato Coin (POC).  Officially implemented from May 1st.

The Potato Team

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