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Announcement of POC Opening Community Node Voting Plan

Dear users,

POC is the only digital asset issued by Potato Chat (more than 50 million users), Southeast Asia ’s largest chat software.  POC is different from most public chain projects in the current market. POC projects are a set of blockchain ecosystems based on existing user groups. POC is only a small part of the blockchain ecosystem. In the future, it will be based on the POC mainnet  Multi-blockchain layout.The POC wallet has been very popular since it was launched, and the number of download registrations in the first two days has reached 50,000. To this end, the POC Foundation will officially open the POC wallet community node voting on April 3, 2020 at 12:00 Singapore time.

Community members who want to become POC community nodes need to apply to the POC official registration. Only after they have passed the application can they become pre selection nodes. To apply to become a pre selection node, they need to provide community profile introduction and POC reward receiving account.

After becoming a pre-selected node, you can get 30 trial dividend codes (which can be increased according to the number of communities). At the same time, it enters the POC community node voting link. Ordinary users bind the trial dividend code to consider that they have completed voting for the corresponding community; the voting time is 21 days  At the end of the voting period, the voting address (that is, the POC wallet address bound with the trial dividend code) needs to hold more than 3000 POCs to be considered a valid vote. A pre-selected node that meets the following voting conditions can become a formal node.

The following are the requirements and benefits of each node:

 I. Node requirements

 (Any one of the following conditions will be regarded as a successful application node)

a. Get votes from 30 POC wallet users, each voting address needs to hold at least 3000 POCs;

b. The total number of positions participating in the voting address is greater than 300,000 POC, and the effective voting address (greater than 3000 POC) is greater than 5;

ll. Voting benefits

 a. Join the node and hold more than 3000 POCs to get a trial dividend code (21-day trial period), enjoy 1% of the daily dividend, this dividend code is not transferable

b. After the voting is over, if the voting node officially becomes a community node, the node will be rewarded with a certain number of dividend qualification codes (permanent version), and enjoy 10% of the dividend income of all valid voting users as the node reward.

POC official website: https://www.potatocoin.com

POC wallet download link: https://www.potatocoin.com/download

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