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Announcement of the World's First Launch of STOwhite on Potato Coin Public Chain Token (POC)

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On January 6, 2020, STOwhite White Exchange officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Potato. STOwhite White will launch the world's first POC public coin POC at 15:00 on April 1, 2020 Singapore time. The trading rules are as follows:

         1. The POC token will be listed on the legal currency trading area at 13:00 on April 1, 2020, Singapore time, and open trading and withdrawal services;

        2. The POC / USDT trading pair will be open for trading at 17:00, April 1, 2020 Singapore time;

          STOwhite White will simultaneously launch the "Summer Day" potato coin trading surprise event. The specific content is as follows:

Time: April 1 15:00 (UTC + 8)-April 5 15:00 (UTC + 8)

Eligibility: Trading POC users during the event


During the event, the top 100 users with more than 2,000 POC net purchases on the STOwhite exchange can receive 266 POC rewards;

After the event, the official unified review of the data, and the list of winners will be announced within 7 working days.

POC rewards will be issued to your STOwhite White Exchange account

In order to ensure fair activities, cheating acts such as slipping orders are strictly prohibited. Once the illegal operation is verified, the qualification for winning prizes will be cancelled immediately. In severe cases, the assets will be frozen and handled;

The final interpretation of this activity is owned by STOwhite.

Direct currency purchase:

Buy POC: http://suo.im/6a3KFv

STOwhite official website: http://www.stowhite.com

STOwhite Android download: http://suo.nz/5oUZz8

STOwhite Apple Download: http://suo.nz/59SzDM

STOwhite official community: https://lynnconway.me/STOwhite1

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