POTATO COIN Official Announcement
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Announcement on Potato Coin (POC) List

Dear users,

PotatoCoin (POC) will be listed on A.top and STOWhite Exchange at 15:00 on April 1, 2020 Singapore time; POC will be available for deposit at 13:00 on April 1, 2020 Singapore time.

As a global social payment public chain, POC is also the ecological token of Southeast Asia's largest encrypted social software POTATO.  POTATO social APP aims to solve the problems of full-scale payment, free socialization, personal privacy, wealth consensus, trust mechanism and other issues for the global social industry. It also uses the P2P transaction capabilities of the POC public chain to provide a decentralized center for payment, social, and entertainment content owners.  Platform for distributed content and value delivery.  The POC serves as the equity certificate of POTATO users and investors, and holds the POC to enjoy various rights and interests of Potato Chat.

Join the POC official community to receive millions of POC candies airdrop and a lot of community rewards.  

POC official community:  https://lynnconway.me/poc_official 

The Potato Team 

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