PotatoCoin (POC) aims to become the first public chain in the pan-entertainment industry in Southeast Asia

PotatoCoin (POC) aims to become the first public chain in the pan-entertainment industry in Southeast Asia


PotatoCoin (POC) is the basis of incentive and circulation in Potato ecology. In Potato ecology, all traders use PotatoCoin POC as handling fee; to purchase some contents will use PotatoCoin; PotatoCoin POC will be rewarded to those who provide accounting and mining.


POC Ecology

The digital currency PotatoCoin POC is the native encrypted digital currency issued by the PotatoCoin public chain. It is the transaction currency of all types of transactions on the public chain. All users can obtain a small amount of digital token POC to start the transaction when registering. It can be purchased from the exchange when the registered POC is used for the purpose of continuing the platform interaction on the PotatoChain. At the same time, the POC is also a revenue voucher for sharing the PotatoCoin public chain project.


The Vision of POC

Through blockchain technology, POC hopes to provide a unified public chain for pan-entertainment industry in Southeast Asia, and solve the problems of complicated process, high cost and privacy leakage when users use different products.


POC Developer Platform

The PotatoChain provides rich APIs and development tools for developers and enterprises to develop applications on the main network. A number of game and video platforms developed and operated by POC foundation will become the early access to video viewing app of POC, and the current daily active users of this app are more than 100,000. Meanwhile, cooperative and friendly products will be integrated into POC ecology. The access of entertainment products applications with a large number of users in the industry will bring a large number of users to POC and become the early core users of the POC community. The POC foundation has also set up a Dapp eco-incentive fund to encourage Dapp developers to develop applications on the POC public chain.


POC Community Construction

At present, POC community ecology is under construction. We have recruited more than 100 community group managers and over 1000 community volunteers. In the community construction, we will fully consider and adopt the development suggestions of volunteers and managers. In the community, you can set up your own groups (Potato, Telegram, WeChat). According to your contribution to the POC community, you can give POC rewards to each community builder.

Join in community volunteers

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