PotatoCoin(POC)--Decentralized anonymous social entertainment chain

Abstract: PotatoCoin (POC) will create an ecological closed loop of instant messaging, smart contract currency, and self-governing community. The goal of PotatoChain is not only to become a decentralized instant messaging software, but also to establish a decentralized ecological platform, which is operated by the community, and it will become an Ethereum in the field of instant messaging.

In the history of the development of information technology, the Internet is considered to be the information highway, and blockchain technology is considered to be the system that changes the world after the electric power system and Internet system. When we talk about blockchain, we always think that it is a technology far away from us, or that blockchain is still in a speculative stage. In fact, the application of blockchain has been quietly happening in various industries, such as the combination of chat tools and blockchain.

People are seeing a huge demand for instant messaging apps due to information leaks and other security risks. Therefore, Telegram and Potato began to solve the problem of user privacy and security through blockchain technology. Blockchain technology ensures the security and non-tampering of data on its network through distributed storage, and encryption technology ensures that data cannot be read by third parties. Blockchain technology and anonymous chat tool are naturally adapted, it is the best choice to develop instant messaging tools and design the public chain based on the blockchain technology. PotatoCoin (POC) is the best solution for blockchain instant messaging subverting traditional chat tools.

Why does PotatoChat want to issue POC in combination with blockchain?

1、What is PotatoChat?

PotatoChat is a popular instant messaging software in Southeast Asia. It has a very important position in Southeast Asia, especially in the pan-entertainment industry. According to public information, PotatoChat currently has 5 million users, mainly in Central and Eastern Asia and Southeast Asia. PotatoChat is an encrypted, end-to-end chat. Once the chat ends, the user can clear the chatbox and the data will disappear. The private key for saving the chat content exists only between the two chatters, and the server cannot read the user's chat content.


The characteristics of its encrypted chat also cater to the needs of users who are concerned about privacy. If you have the need for a private chat, maybe you have used Potato or Telegram, which are the two most recognized encrypted chat tools in the market.

2、The drawbacks of centralized social tools

It is undeniable that the most efficient instant messaging tool is WecChat and Line that centralize the server to record and manage data. In the Internet era, users' information leakage is becoming more and more serious, including instant messaging apps as well as Facebook. We all know that on March 17, 2018, Facebook was exposed to leaking data of 87 million users, the most terrible is the fact of the company "Cambridge analysis" is not a general commercial company, it took over the case involving national election. In addition, information leakage frequently occurs because of hackers.

A centralized server means that users expose all their information to the operating subject of the software. Although the probability of a giant enterprise doing evil things is not particularly high, it cannot prevent the hackers from stealing information. Therefore, the security of user’ privacy can be guaranteed to the greatest extent only under the joint effect of data storage and encryption protocols.

PotatoCoin (POC) was built under this environment based on blockchain technology.

PotatoCoin issued by PotatoChat, namely PotatoCoin (POC)

PotatoCoin (POC) is a project based on blockchain technology, so what is PotatoCoin (POC)?

1. What is PotatoCoin?

Compared with PotatoCoin, I believe you are more familiar with PotatoChat. The PotatoCoin POC is the largest anonymous chat tool in Southeast Asia PotatoChat use the blockchain technology to publish the ecological certificate issued by PotatoChat users, POC can be used to purchase products and services provided within the ecosystem, currently, users can use POC for Red Packets in the Potato ecosystem. You can use POC to purchase virtual products or services in the future. It is reported that in the future, for the specific entertainment industry group of Potato, the official will also launch a large number of entertainment applications, including games, movies, live broadcast, and quizzes.

If after the technology matures, PotatoChat completes the overall transfer work and transforms into a decentralized platform, encouraging application developers to enter the development platform, and the shelf right of application transfer to core community members, which constitutes the most common autonomous community platform in the blockchain.

2. The Advantages of PotatoCoin platform based on blockchain

Based on the DPOS mechanism, the theoretical peak speed of TPS reaches 3000/sec, which meets the needs of entertainment applications on the market today. By providing apps with specific functions (DApp Store) to enable consumers and access public chain of applications to quickly and easily operate the chain.

DApp Store has three functions:

Wallet function -- Provide consumers with digital currency asset management function based on POC chain;

Trading API function -- Provide currency and coin currency trading entry for other applications;

App distribution and running -- Consumers can search and download all entertainment apps that support PotatoCoin.

POC operating system realized with cost decentralized storage and smart contract system, entertainment distributed applications can be easily developed, operated and managed for the environment, for all of the blockchain based entertainment DApp provides a decentralized and anti-interference distribution channels, and extend the blockchain technology to the actual application scenario through the application DApp for the audience's entertainment content consumers.

Building ethereum in the field of instant communication

POC issues PotatoCoin in the main chain, which is used for charge fees and some Dapp, entertainment application scenes. Users can receive a small amount of PotatoCoin through any application or by creating an account on an exchange. Any transaction made on the POC requires the use of PotatoCoin to pay the transaction fee, including the other tokens publish on POC that make payment should charge the accounting fees by PotatoCoin. After the initial free PotatoCoin are used up, users need to purchase PotatoCoin from the exchange if they make a new transaction .

The application store may issue a new currency on the POC, or the currency on the other chain can issue on the POC through a mapping contract.

POC wallet has a universal exchange function, users need to use different tokens issued on the POC for payment in multiple game DApps, but the user does not need to reserve tokens for each currency in the wallet, can only hold BTC/ETH, or stable currency supported by POC wallet, users in the trade, automatic use exchange function, retrieve the currency exchange price in the exchange to get a one-click payment user experience.

At the same time, Potato Chat as the issuer of POC and the first landing scene of blockchain application and PotatoCoin application, it fully supports the circulation, application and exchange of POC within the APP ecosystem. Potato provide more than 300 million registered users Coin Purse and Digital Wallets function at the same time, in addition to POC, Digital Wallet supports BTC/ETH/BCH/LTC/USDT and the expanding mainstream currency, Coin Purse support currency trade, and OTC with exchange trading support to extend the functionality of the page, Users can carry out cloud wallet hosting for currency and digital currency through Potato Chat, not only realize universal exchange between multiple digital currency and currency but also use any currency to directly pay for social payments or content within social platforms, C2C for transfers, payments, and red packets.

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