Welcome to the POC Developer Community
Hundreds of developers around the world have joined us, and we look forward to your exploration.
All of our code is open source on GitHub, and suggestions for POC improvements are also discussed on GitHub. Developers are welcome to submit Pull Request or Issue. For those who contribute more, we will give some rewards through the core developer program.
Developing documents
POC technical documentation provides comprehensive and basic development guidance for developers. It covers the introduction of POC related knowledge to help junior developers get started, the use guide of POC node client and the construction of development environment. It also includes development tools, intelligent contract tutorials, examples and API documents suitable for junior and middle developers. If you are a block chain technician, or want to know the technical details of the underlying POC, you can refer to the development guide in the document. This document can help developers quickly participate in the construction of POC's economic ecosystem.
Test network
If you are creating a POC project and need to test the POC of the network, you can click the Application button.
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